Create Simplicity.

That is something else I want to create this year.

More simplicity.  In my home. In my documenting.  In homeschooling.

Let’s start with Project Life.  Documenting.  While I love all the pretty products that you can get to make your albums, I found out this past year that I don’t need ALL THE STUFF.  I used some older cards I had, but still can’t get over the fact that I don’t like rounded cards with squared photos.  In fact, I just like the squared look better. Period.  So, I tried a couple of kits from Kelly Purkey’s shop, which I loved, but a little too pricey when you are trying to really watch your budget.  I will continue to buy stamps every once in a while as a treat, because they are something you can use over and over.

Things have really changed in the way of what I save our extra money for since I started homeschooling.  I usually try to save money for any extra books/supplies we need.

So, I sat down and looked through my albums from the past few years and figured out what I love.  I love the pages that are mainly photos anyway..

simple pl.jpg

I made a list of things I really need to document.

  • photos
  • page protectors
  • album
  • something to do journaling
  • stamps sometimes

Other than that, all the extra stuff is just that….extra.  So, I made a resolution to myself to only buy the things I need and will use over and over.  (That’s why I love stamps so much.)

As far as simplifying our homeschool, I have already started doing that this year and it’s working well.  We decided on The Good and Beautiful Curriculum for this year, and are loving it.  It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and the kids seem to be doing great with it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A little slideshow of the bulk of our curriculum.  Besides the language arts and history…we use Teaching Textbooks for math and different things for science.

The language arts includes so much…

  • grammar
  • reading
  • writing
  • geography
  • art

I really like how it’s simplified our process this year, especially since I’m not always the best at planning everything out ahead of time.  I am working on that also!

Creating a simpler environment allows me to really slow it down and enjoy all the simple pleasures I love without becoming overwhelmed.  Doing this helps me to still be able to do the things I love such as photography and documenting while keeping it simple enough to make it doable.

Looking forward to the journey this word will take me on this year.

Love, Jess

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