photographing nature.

My daugther has taken an interest in photography.  She is using my old camera I had let my mom have (sorry for borrowing it back mama!) to start taking with us on some of our adventures and around the house.  I love seeing her this way, focusing on the way she is seeing the world.


She was getting a little frustrated the other day though, because she wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of this beautiful butterfly we came across.  This hobby of photography turns into a great way to teach her about the value of patience and practice.  She sees how passionate I am about capturing the world around us in creative ways.  But I explained to her how the technical skills and learning the camera didn’t just happen overnight.  I am interested to see what shots she gets!

In the meantime, here are some shots I got on our little saunter through Riverbend Park.


I’m hoping the kids will learn about patience from one of those great teachers:  Nature.

It sure helps me to slow down and pay attention.

Love, Jess

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