Field Trips.

Last week we went to the Science Center for our first little field trip of the year.  The kids always love it here.  They had a new gross lab.  It was just as you imagine…gross.  However, the kids make great little doctors and scientists.


The best part of the science center for me was getting to hear the Electric Eel.  The guy put a piece of fish in the tank and told us to listen as the eel started to search for the fish. They have speakers attached to the tank. It was so loud, it made us jump!

I have to say I always enjoy the art museum.  It’s on the other side of the building, and if you are in Hickory it’s a great place to go and explore.  It’s free too, which is a huge help to homeschoolers.  The exhibit that really caught our attention was called Hickory Sticks by Jonathan Brilliant.  Yeah, not making that name up.  He makes sculptures out of items you would find in coffee shops.  So, wooden stir sticks, coffee sleeves, and cup lids.  This sculpture was so big.  He weaves the wooden stir sticks together, not using glue or tape.  It is simply amazing to see.

IMG_1061IMG_1056closeruphickorystickshickorysticks02hickorysticksplayhickorysticksplay02Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

I love these little outings we get to take to explore and learn.  I highly recommend seeing this exhibit, but you better hurry…I think it closes September 9th.

Love, Jess

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