I spent time this summer thinking about what I wanted for our upcoming school year.  The more I thought about how I wanted our days to go, the more the word “peace” kept coming to me.  I love the days that are a little quieter, more peaceful.  Not to say that the more hectic days don’t have their place too, but overall if there is one thing I strive to have in my life it is peace.


The older I get the less patience I have to deal with anything that disturbs that peace.  I feel as though I guard my peace and the peace of my kids with a fierceness lately.  If I feel it will be disturbed in any way, I go the other way.

So, I guess our word for the year just came about kind of naturally.  “Peace.”

Tomorrow we start back to our school days, and the structure will be welcomed.  The kids always do so much better with structure to their days.  I hope your days with yours will be full of peace and love this year.

Love, Jess

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